Healthy Tips

It is well known that healthy eating combined with physical exercise are important attitudes towards a better quality of life. In addition to these, surveys indicate that you can adopt even simpler ways to promote your health. Look:

• Schedule the weekend. According to the research, designing something good causes changes in the brain, in addition to having the speed of heart rate and blood pressure decreased;
• Use a greater amount of sunscreen. Most women use a small amount of sunscreen on their face, about the size of a pea. But for the product to be effective, double the quantity;
• Get away from the routine. Among so many things, try to break the routine, take a walk, visit a friend, play with the children, sit in a place to observe nature. Studies indicate that this reduces stress and can prevent heart problems;
• Spend time with friends. Lonely people are more likely to develop health problems related to stress, such as hypertension and heart disease;
• Do not over-drink. According to a US study, more than one daily drink means risk to women, and may increase the chance of developing breast cancer;
• Watch your food. Eat slowly, always vary food and avoid salt, as it causes the pressure to increase;
Get enough sleep. Sleep is a basic necessity, like eating and drinking water. People who sleep less than they need to gain weight more easily can develop diabetes and depression.

By Patrícia Lopes
Equipe Brasil Escola